We deliver high-level management of your real estate and pride ourselves on not only maintaining your property’s value, but also increasing its sustainability.

Additionally, with us acting as your real estate manager you will receive precise and thorough reports about key aspects of their property: rental and vacancy rates, recent location based market trends, expense and profit structures and lastly, future development opportunities.


Oliver Nee CEO / Managing Director

Business management and administration studies at the University Münster · Real estate economics and management studies at the University of Economics Kiel · Longtime experience in the field of administration of real estate in the Anglo-Saxon area · Expertise in the organization of administration companies/corporations for in-and external investors

Rainer Uhde CEO/ Managing Director

Real estate economics and management studies at the University of Economics Kiel · Since 1975 active in the management of rental housing and home ownership properties · Expertise and longtime experience in the management of real estate of every type and size · Longtime experience in the organization of administration companies/corporations for in-and external investors



Expertise and Innovation

At all of our branch offices your real estate is managed through our highly motivated, qualified and professional staff. Our business is characterized by its minimal hierarchical structures.
Our clients feel that this structure enables immediate decisions and effective solutions, which can be taken flexible and in line with our business goals and latitude.

Several benefits arise for you: personal competence and a motivated staff, efficient communication in the workaday life and immediate reporting on their assets.



Our modular service packages are highly valued by clients. We arrange differently sized service packages to suit your real estate needs and location.


What we can do for you


Administration of:

  • Residential properties
  • Home ownership according to the Condominium Act (WEG)
  • Common-hold property according to the SEV
  • Cost management and optimization of commercial properties



Additional services


  • Due-Diligence Support during the acquisition or disposal phase
  • Modernization Management and rent increase
  • Housing maintenance services · Security services
  • Arrear management
  • Customized monthly reports


We are there for you


We provide real estate management for a variety of investors including:


  • Private owners
  • Investment funds
  • Municipalities and communities
  • Insolvency trustees



Local proximity – logistical benefit


Our Berlin based main office allows for strong administration processes for key aspects including: accounting, real estate management and facility management.


At the same time, branch and services offices across various locations undertake a variety of tasks, best suited to provide tenant support and close, local real estate management.


“It is our goal, to manage your property efficiently and yield-optimized from the very beginning on!”
Rainer Uhde
Managing Director



The optimization of the running costs is an important aspect of the successful management of real estate properties. Based on a thorough cost analysis, we continually work on the implementation of more cost efficient solutions.

It is a fact that the operating costs have already become a second rent for tenants.
The cost increase of the suppliers does not only affect the tenants, but also the owner, be it the costs for the case of vacancy, or the new tenancy of the property.
One of our services is the reduction of overall costs through effective management.

Once we take over the administration of your property, we consider every agreement and consumption in the current state analysis. The results are then compared to the average results and the most advantageous conditions, as per special outline agreements. We work with you, to choose the best approach for your property at the rates you decide upon.

Through a large and diverse portfolio of managed units, we guarantee the best possible conditions for your properties.

Exceedingly high consumption and costs of the previous supplier (water, energy or heating costs) are calculated by us and will be adjusted via adequate technical measures.
In the case of the complete renewal of the technical/ technological facilities, but no sufficient liquidity to implement those measures, we will show you other possibilities.